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Psychotherapist Supporting Trauma & Addictions

Niagara Psychotherapist Specializing in Couples Counselling & PTSD / Trauma


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Family & Couples Relationships Matter


Depressed or anxious about how to relate reconnect and rebuild your family and/or relationship?

Take a Risk! 

Family or couples counselling could save your marriage/ relationships. 

Feeling is Dealing & Sensing is Healing

Psychotherapy for Anxiety & Sleep Issues


Don't let fear, worry and/or panic attacks take over your life any longer.

The future is now. 

Learn to find peace

moment to moment in the here and now using gestalt therapy,  somatic experiencing, and/or mindfulness. 

Depression Loss & Grief Counselling


Need support on how to honour your experience of depression and/or anxiety? 

Are you unable to figure out how to move forward because of a loss?

Grief can be overwhelming. 

Call Adrienne Richardson & Associates at Niagara Counselling & OnLine Therapy today! 

Looking for a Therapy Group in Niagara Falls, or Toronto?


Art Therapy Groups

Leadership Forum Groups

Focus Research Groups

Empowering Women Therapy Groups

Mindfulness Mediation @ Work

Gestalt Therapy Process Group

Let's us know your needs and 

we will help you organize your own personal group!  

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Trauma, PTSD, Addictions Counselling & Cannabis Coaching


 Counselling for addiction and codependency in Niagara Falls, ON.

 Do you or a loved one need help for alcohol or substance abuse? 

Are addictions to pornography, sex and/or the internet hurting the people in your life? 

Do you have a gambling, drug, alcohol, food, sex, work, and/or shopping addiction (s) that are impacting your life?

We've Got your Back 

Cannabis Friendly Psychotherapist

Children, Teens & Young Adults


ADHD & Behaviour Issues

Educational & Career Counseling 

Gender Identity / Transgender Support

Parental Stress

Co-Dependency, PTSD & Trauma 

For all ages and stages! 

LGBT community welcomed 

with open arms. 

Volunteer Work- Proudly Supporting Wounded Warriors & PTSD

Adrienne Richardson & Wounded Warriors team!

Adrienne has volunteered her time and services to the Texas

Wounded Warriors from Iraq including Gulf War I and Gulf War II as well as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan by utilizing the game of golf to support healing trauma/PTSD. 

Texas Wounded Warriors

Sports Psychology/ Coaching World-Class Athletes

Mental golf matters and supports PSTD

The majority of Adrienne's golf clients are trained under the world-renowned Golf Pro Buck Mayer’s who is currently Director of Instruction out of the highly acclaimed/exclusive Golf & Lake Club- Escondido in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Buck and the members at Escondido are also proud supporters of US veterans, and the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation. Adrienne has also provided  sports psychotherapy/coaching sessions for professional athletes who have excelled in football, and Ironman.

Golf- Pro Buck Mayers

0n-line E-Counselling via phone, webcam

Challenge yourself to your next level with coaching from Adrienne Richardson

Providing elite and amateur sports enthusiast’s sports psychology techniques to improve their mental game on and off the greens/ field/ or track.

World Long Drivers MAKE CONTACT!

Mental Training Matters

Mental Golf Matters

Adrienne is currently writing a book for golfers, and executives who see the value in making contact in life, business,  and in golf . 

The title of her soon to be published book, 

 "Fear of Making Contact"

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Art Therapy Groups with Adrienne Richardson

The Art of Being Relational - Art Therapy Sessions in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Art Therapy with psychotherapist Adrienne Richardson

Adrienne Richardson PhD RP  & Associates at Niagara Counselling & Online Therapy hopes to start providing affordable psychotherapy to residents of Niagara Falls, and the Niagara Region this fall through subsidized Group Art Therapy sessions. 

From a gestalt perspective her team  will use art to allow participants the opportunity to express their authentic selves and experiences to help them find greater contact and support from others while also gaining a greater awareness about themselves, others, and their environments to bring about healing, change, and growth.

Join an Art Therapy Session : We Give You Permission to BE your Messy Self!


You don't need to be an artist to join our art therapy groups, you just have to want to feel better about your life and your situation, and be open to exploring different possibilities while doing something creative!  

Call or email to find out more and add your name to a wait list! 

Please Reach Out, Our Art Therapy Groups Need Your Support!


We are currently looking for local businesses and organizations who are looking to support mental health initiatives in Niagara. 

We can't do this alone! Be a leader in Niagara and demonstrate how mental health matters. 

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Somatic Experiencing Therapy in Niagara Falls

Somatic Experiencing Therapy Supports Healing Trauma

"The body reacts profoundly in trauma. It tenses in readiness, braces in fear, and freezes and collapses in helpless terror. When the mind's protective reaction to overwhelm returns to normal, the body's response is also meant to normalize after the event. When this restorative process is thwarted, the effects of trauma become fixated and the person becomes traumatized" (Levine, 1997, p.6) 

Healing Trauma Through Psychotherapy

"If you are experiencing strange symptoms that no one seems to be able to explain, they could be arising from a traumatic  reaction to a past event that you may not even remember. 

You are not alone.


You are not crazy. 

There is a rational explanation for what is happening to you. 

You have not been irreversibly damaged, and it is possible to diminish or even eliminate your symptoms" 

(Levine,1997, p.5)

Adrienne Richardson PhD RP Niagara Falls Psychotherapist Can Help

Popular approaches to healing trauma like CBT provide only temporary relief of trauma at best. 

Somatic experiencing focuses on body sensation, rather than intense emotion, and is the key to healing trauma. 

Learn how to be more aware of any emotional reactions swelling up inside you, and how your body is experiencing these emotions in the form of sensations and thoughts. 

 Adrienne a gestalt psychotherapist, pairs her gestalt training with somatic experiencing.  She can help support you in healing from your trauma. 

There is no one that utilizes the combination of these therapies in the Niagara Region. 

Let her introduce you to new possibilities for the treatment of your trauma. 

At Niagara Counselling & Online Therapy"We've Got Your Back"

Check out this great video and take a couple moments to JUST BREATH and tune into what your sensing in your body in this moment!

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