Free Yourself from Addictions with support from Adrienne Richardson

Addiction Counselling

Free yourself from your addiction(s)

We understand recovery is a long-term process about living your best life.  If you are avoiding your feelings by "doing something else" you are not living life, and you may have an addiction to whatever that "something else" is. 

Addictive behaviour is not limited to alcohol, drugs, and/or gambling. It can apply to relationships, sex, eating, exercise, shopping, Internet and technology use, and/or gaming. 

Through addictions counselling individuals will explore using a "self-modulation" approach leading to changes in behaviour from within while also supporting connecting with others.

Recovery is an ongoing process which includes identity development, maintaining growth through acceptance and integrating your new and old selves. Developing an awareness of patterns of potential relapse through exploring unfinished business and how to maintain contact and find self-support and support from others help you go beyond sobriety.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addictions...

You are not alone. As an adult child of an alcoholic and a recovering addict for over 20 years, Adrienne gets it, and she will get you! 

You can't understand or support  someone if you haven't been there yourself.