Family therapy

Family Therapy Helps

There is power in getting through the storms together.

Adrienne is highly skilled at working with extremely dynamic personality types while providing a safe space for all family members to feel heard and seen. Her alliance building interventions will help develop greater awareness, and contact between family members so that you and your family can experience  peace, understanding, and compassion within your home.

Separating/ Divorce?

Building Bonds through couples and family therapy

Are you experiencing a high-conflict divorce?

Are you unable to manage and/or minimize parental alienation?

You may require support on how to  coordinate your child/ children's...

     physical, and emotional needs

     time-sharing arrangements

     creating an equitable parenting plan.

With Adrienne's support learn how to understand and work effectively together so that you don't get sucked into the legal system unnecessarily.

Adrienne will help support you and your family through  the separation/divorce though providing methods for parents to communicate and resolve issues around ...


      Divorce and Parental Conflict around finances

      Understanding the  Child’s Perspective

      Custody and Cooperation

      Time-Sharing Options

      Facilitating Effective Communication

      Managing an Angry Parent(s) or an Impaired Parent

Single Parent?

Parents without partners need support. Call Adrienne Richardson

There is no shame in seeking help from a therapist about you or your child's well-being. You wouldn't think twice about  seeking medical  advice, However, parents have the belief that raising their own child shouldn't be so difficult, that they "should" be able to provide consistent affection, while setting/ enforcing expectations/limits. The truth is it  can be a struggle.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, over worked and resentful?

Do you feel constantly rushed and that there is no time for you because you are endlessly planning and scheduling your child's days?

Are you having a hard time coping with your child's behavior issues and/or physical/ intellectual challenges, and/or medical issue(s)?

If providing consistent care is a concern, you are not alone!

Many parents, like yourself feel guilty and experience high levels of stress, and just simply don't get enough sleep! Some single parents are so stressed that they are unable to truly look after themselves never mind look for, or maintain  adult relationships?

If you questioning how you are going to keep going as a single parent,  or if you are questioning your parenting style and unsure of what information and advice to trust... therapy might help! 

You don't have to do this alone, support is just a phone call away!